Advertise with Know Me St. Louis.

Why Advertise?

Advertising throughout the Durte Rebelz network is the most cost-effective way to drive dedicated traffic for your business or brand. Know Me St. Louis maintains an extremely strong presence both on the street through creative endeavors as well as online. We provide more media exposure for a fraction of the cost allowing you to advertise with us online and be connected to our massive blog network simultaneously.

Who Advertises?

Know Me St. Louis as part of the Durte Rebelz forty plus blog network has been in a force online through many digital platforms. Our advertisers have included record labels, PR firms, corporate sponsors, talent agencies and lifestyle companies.

What do you gain by Advertising with Know Me St. Louis?

Know Me St. Louis is part of a forty blog plus network of high ranking, backlinking interconnected blog sites. Also as content partners with the world’s largest digital publication platform our digital feeds including your advertisements go around the world when published through us. As recent tastemakers with DO312 who help us reach hundreds of thousands in the Midwest alone monthly, we make your advertising dollars worth it. As a trained SEO specialist and digital marketing strategist, we carry the weight for you gladly to enhance your ROI.

Side Note:

Unless otherwise noted all advertisement runs for 30 days. We also push your brand through our social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook) as a courtesy.

Advertisements Offered:


Full Page AD per post: 30 days
Full Page AD per page: 30 days

Background ads are limited to 10 slots per post.


Inner Rotating TOP Post AD 620 by 100
Inner Rotating BOTTOM Post AD 620 by 100

Single Post ads are limited to 10 rotating slots per post.


Sidebar rotating post Ad 250 by 250:

Single Post ads are limited to 10 rotating slots per post.

STICKY SIDEBAR: 30 Days per post:
(slides out per post to grab reader’s attention for action)

Customized Campaigns:

Let us create a custom campaign for your brand or client while in Chicago. Most campaigns can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs.

Instagram Campaign:

Run your campaign on our site via #hashtag. Know Me St. Louis will create a page for you & connect it to Instagram via your hashtag then as people use your campaign hashtag it will be pulled into our web page making it a customized advertisement for your brand. Then we SEO the page on the backend & share it with our network for you.

Durte Rebelz has provided the above services for a vast array of creative and corporate clients including:

Clientele: Microsoft, Mc Donalds, Vevo, Red Bull, Wataah!, Kings Rosemont, Brisk Bodega/Brisk Ice Tea, Thompson Hotel, The Blackstone Chicago, Hornitos, Gallery Bar Chicago, Riotfest, North Coast Music Festival, Chicago Reader (Key Ingredients), Lacuna Lofts, CimmFest, Selfless, Fashion Bar Chicago, Yuzu Sushi and Robata Grill, Hinge Chicago, Circle App, Revolution Craft, Chicago Food Film Festival, Vintage Garage Chicago, Sole Cafe, Lollapalooza, Rock The Bells, Flavorpill, Absolut Vodka, Shell Back Rum, The Silver Room and many more.

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